About Us

Hotelinvest was founded in 2015, as a subsidiary of S-Invest. The Company is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and provides hotel brokerage services in the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.

Hotelinvest is owned and operated by Jacqueline Stuart, a UK national who grew up in the north of Scotland and has lived in England, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Iraq and Greece. She has been living in Slovenia since 2007.

Hotelinvest is the most successful broker of hotels in the region, combining advanced processes and business practices learnt in the UK and other mature markets, with local knowledge and understanding of the business culture in this region.

We only ever advise a buyer OR seller. It is customary in this part of the world to charge fees to both parties, but this creates a conflict of interest and it is something we never do.

We are an international company with expertise in marketing hotels worldwide. We have offices in Ljubljana and London, and partners in all the other countries where we work.

Our Clients include institutional investors, high net worth individuals, local and international companies, local authorities, and banks.

Values Statement

We are responsible to our Clients and we build relationships by doing the right thing. We consider every employee an individual and encourage each one to maximize his or her potential.

We are committed to working with energy and enthusiasm, and continually strive to improve our service. We are responsible for ensuring our carbon footprint is minimized, to protect the environment, and to encourage our stakeholders to do the same.

We are carbon neutral

Our company’s carbon footprint in 2016 was 40.86 metric tonnes of C02 emissions. To offset our carbon emissions, we supported the reforestation charity One Tree Planted to plant 200 trees in Haiti.

One Tree Planted supports partners to grow and plant saplings during the rainy season, in irrigated land, ensuring an 80% survival rate. Trees are then trimmed and pruned for optimal health. Finally, a third party audit and assessment is conducted.

Other steps we have taken to protect the environment include choosing a hybrid for the company car, recycling waste, and drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Most of our team members cycle to work.

We believe our company is profitable and successful because we adhere to these values.